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Audi - Q7 4.2 FSI Quattro Tiptronic B7 Armoured

Audi Q7 4.2 FSI Quattro Tiptronic B7 Armoured € 125.000NETTO
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Used Car with registration and without warranty
Registration date 12-06-2008
Mileages: 4.116 km
Model year 2007
Audi Q7 4.2 FSI Quattro tiptronic Armored B7
6-speed automatic transmission, 257 KW (350 PS)
CO2 Combined 317 g/km
Price € 150.000

Exterior: L8 Phantomblack Perleffect
Interior: Black leather
Audi Q7 Quattro in complete fully equipped as an armoured security vehicle to transport passengers!
Parking assistance
Navigation system
Power steering
Heated seats
Cruise control
Xenon headlights
Central locking system
Automatic air conditioning
Front-, side and more airbags
Armour Level B7 Conversion by:
• Welded construction with hermetically sealed overlaps
• Door safety: B7 from ballistic steel / ceramic, Kevlar armour
• Panel protection: B7 from ballistic steel / ceramic, Kevlar armour
• Window Protection B6 + B7
• Roof protection B4
• Fire protection B6
• Battery protection with steel box with lid
• Control unit and secured fuse boxes with steel box
• Soil protection by 12.7mm steel and by ballistic bomb blanket
• Soil protection with two hand grenades DM 51
• Window protection by 47-56 mm float glass and splinter protection
• Side windows and sunroof cannot be opened!
• All factory functions such as rain sensors, etc. are preserved
• Run-flat tires with special inner ring
• Ballistic steel fuel tank of 12.7 mm MIL
• Extensive multimedia equipment inside
Additional security features
• Strobe light
• Intercom System
• Fire extinguisher
• Engine room with fire protection
• The visual appearance has been preserved intact industrial!
• Subject to any technical change and error of prior sale.
Armor specification
• Valid Standard: CEN 1063
• Armoured Level B7
• Welded construction with hermetically sealed overlaps
Description of the security levels
• Door protection: B7 ballistic steel or ceramic, (Kevlar) armoured composite
• Panel protection: B7 ballistic steel or ceramic, (Kevlar) armoured composite
• Window protection: B6 + B7
• Roof protection: B4
• Firewall protection: B6
• Rear Wheel-arch protection: B7
• Floor protection: holds a simultaneous explosion of 2 DM 51 hand grenades
• Battery protection: Steel box with lid, B7
• Computer unit & Fuse box protection: steel box with lid B7
Blast Resistance
Floor areas consist of an armoured dual skin construction of 12.7 mm, with a ballistic and bomb steel blanket, shaped to adapt itself to the contour of floor boards and panels. Able to defeat 2 German Ordnance DM51 hand grenades detonated simultaneously in an area of one square meter. The gas tank is armoured with 12.7 mm MILL-STD-46100 Ballistic steel.
Transparent Areas
Windshield, rear window are made of multiple layers of float glass (46 mm thick), as well as the door windows (56 mm thick). PVB and Polycarbonate are laminated to form a transparent armour, able to defeat level B7. Glasses are finished up with a splinter protection shield (PC).
All factory options such as antenna, rain sensor, defroster etc. are preserved and remain functional.
Run flat tire inserts
All five wheels are fitted with special inner rings, depending on tires size (low profile tires).
Run flat systems are specially designed to maintain the vehicle mobility in case of tire failure caused by violent attacks, gunfire or plain tire flat. These run flat systems also help to prevent loss of the vehicle control, as result of

Km stand4116 km
KleurPhantom Black Pearl
InterieurkleurBlack Leather
Cilinderinhoud4200 cm3
Aantal deuren5
BTWniet verrekenbaar